Ten of Swords, Feline Rider Tarot


We might as well let go.

10 of Swords two days in a row, what a way to kick off the new year ;)

Old fearful thinking and beliefs stick like glue, or - like swords in the back.
Just so god damn hard to shake off.
They are there, no matter how tired we are of them.
They are still there, though we are aware of them.
Though we KNOW they're not good for us.
Though we want to 'stop having them'.
Why wont they just go away?!

Yepp. Awareness is a first step.
But then there's the 'create a new experience part'.
Some things just can't to thought away, or even 'not thought away' - as in "I'm not even thinking like that anymore".
Time alone can't heal.

The old tape has to be written over (if you're old enough to know what VHS is, you know what I mean :)), and that's not a thinking process.

It's a delicate task. There's many roles to play.
First we have to assure our body feels safe. Feels supported.
#SometicWork #SelfSupport
That all our parts are 'in it' - heard, seen, acknowledged, informed.
Then we have to create to best possible circumstances for this new movie.
The right people, the right place, the right time.
It's not easy, and many of our parts might try to undermine us, stop us - stab us.
Our body might shiver and loose strength.

Trauma healing is not for the faint of heart.
It's about dying, again and again.
To your old self, your old stories, your old experiences.

Deck: #FelineRiderTarot
Theme: "conscious integrity"

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