Ten of Pent's + Four of Pent's, Erotic Manara + Radiant Rider Waite


Enjoy and focus on your own amusements, while continuing to show who you are (in a way that feels safe to you), aware of what resources you possess and that you share them for good!

In a quiet place in the shade she has her eyes deep in a book, enjoying her favorite beverages. Strangers are strolling by, the waiter is busy with the other guests, because this woman is contended and fully engaged in life as it is.
Not afraid of being and showing her true self. Unbothered, exposing herself to a degree intriguing to some, offensive to others, with the hair in a casual setup.

The place is not randomly chosen. This is a place she visits often, were she feels safe and comfortable, and the staff knows her.
I refer to the second card here. The card that oftentimes is associated with greed and hoarding. But in this particular illustration, today, I see a rather relaxed man, leaning on and balancing - rather than clasping - what he has. I think about 'knowing what you have and mindfully use it, and share it'. Knowing when it's the right time to share and shine - Radiate (Radiant Rider Waite). 

Deck: #EroticManaraTarot
Theme: "exposure"
Card: Ten of Pentacles

Deck: #RadiantRiderWaiteTarot
Theme: "practicing radiancy"
Card: Four of Pentacles 
"surety of possessions"

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