Ten of Cups, Pic Tarot


Aren't you doing a great job, building character?!

Quite the shift from trust issues and doom and gloom cards lately! 

Whatever have just happened or are happening right now, the cards are here to tell you that you're handling yourself in an awesome manner!
You're managing your emotions and communicating with your surroundings in a way your soul cherishes - well done you!

I read, "important to speak from your soul and express the deep feelings you may have been hiding"
This is not in a blurting all out to everyone kind of way. 
Firstly it's about expressing it to yourself. Really feeling your emotions, and admitting them to yourself. The good and the 'bad' ones (see yesterday for the latter). Embracing it all, and finding out the source to any negative narrative about yourself.
Secondly or parallell, if you're blessed with open ears and hearts close by, you can share your thoughts - I often get clarity by expressing things out loud. It's like context, source and meanings reveal themselves when I search for words to describe matters - and the words come like from nowhere!
(I have a Mercury Scorpio opposing Taurus Chiron, so 'communication is a path to healing' for me :) And, I have my Uranus is the house of communication, 3)

Lastly, the 'writing a new narrative/character description' part.
Once emotions and feelings are embraced, you have the opportunity to choose how to respond and 'behave' outwardly - preferably not in a reactive way on behalf of 'hurt parts' of you, but in a way where you have taken responsibility of your emotions and found a more loving ('true) part to act from. The choice to act in a way you Want to act, and be the one you Want to be - and not a slave under your hurt parts!

Deck: PicTarot
Theme: "character building"
"Blossoming affairs"

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