Ten of Cups, Modern Witch Tarot


"You've been through some trials and tribulations" but you're 'Modern Witching' things awesomely, and it's time to "stop and smell the roses" for a bit! 

I bet your 'to-do-list' is long and wordy, but forget about it!
Like the reminders yesterday, "look at your energy balances IN and OUT" and drop the urge to "appear more successful".

What is success anyway?
Again, beware of working too hard, with the wrong things, and most of all ... for the wrong reasons.
I bet much of the stuff on your aforementioned list are 'should:s'.
Or breathing 'perfectionist energy'.
Oh, what if your house was always perfectly clean, your lawn always perfectly even and short - because your neighbors pass by it every day.
But no matter how much you tick of that list, more things will be added. And the faster you tick them of, the faster the list grows.
At least if the things you put on there are 'for the wrong reasons', and the way you check them off is inauthentic - some sort of 'coping mechanism' to keep you busy or distracted (from what you are feeling).

If you're regulated and in balance a to-do-list doesn't stress you.
You do what's truly needed when it's truly needed. 
And if some things don't get done, they don't!

So, drop the need to look successful or be successful by others people's/traditional measures, and celebrate successes feeling like successes for YOU!
That you live a life an alignment with YOUR soul, your core values, and that you're taking responsibility for your own healing!
Don't mind people thinking of you or calling you a witch ;)
Have compassion - they are unconsciously stuck in tradition and/or driven by their own trauma.

Keep up your modern trauma curious living - even if that means you'll have to leave a party or two early, to take care of yourself! 

Deck: #ModernWitchTarot
Theme: "Modern witch it!"

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