Ten of Cups, Margarete Petersen Tarot


The Ocean, it has "shown you the richness of your emotions."

"You have accepted all the facets of your emotions."

When we do this - let all emotions 'have a seat at the table' - we feel more complete (C10).
And when we let also feelings of pain, sorrow and grief be a part of us, the "suffering" subsides far more quickly then if we resist them, try to distract us from them or push them away.

Then we can feel calm and at home in ourselves "despite the darkness".
Acceptance of what is.
Acceptance of what have happened and are happening.
"It couldn't have happened in any other way...because it didn't" #PeterCrone

In this way we can handle all kinds of emotions washing over us like the ocean.

It's not so much someone leaving us that hurts, but the non-acceptance of it. Us wishing it to be different. We disliking the course of events. We not wanting pain and uncomfortable things (read: feelings) in our life - but death is a non-negotiable part of life.

Coming to terms with and accepting the flow of life is not the same thing as digging everything that's happening, but resisting it is like giving yourself poison! Making suffering out of pain.
And more often than not: projecting the suffering outwards - consciously or unconsciously wanting our surroundings to suffer with us. In comparison to the healthier version: holding space for the pain. Acknowledging and "naming" the pain. Sitting with and mindfully sharing the pain, without adding any victim stamp to it.

Then pain can feel almost empowering, and become something beautiful - like the ocean.

Deck: MargaretePetersenTarot
Theme: "sacrifice and the nature of suffering"
Card: Ten of Cups - Fulfillment 

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