Ten of Cups + Eight of Bridges, Radiant Wisdom Tarot


Belonging vs adapting.

Are we feeling squeezy because we're adjusting too much, or because we're having troubles adjusting enough?!
Are we trying to create a connection were there isn't one, or are we afraid of making connection - refusing to make adjustments (changes) in the life we've set up for ourselves?

W10 "Feeling restricted by our network"

Have something happened in our sphere of acquaintances?
Something that have induced a sense of restriction to our lives?
An intrusion into what we may call our 'circle of intimacy'?!
Something messing with our 'comfort zone'?
Something triggering our defenses and our sense of 'control'?

B8 "When the unexpected occurs, altering the plan to address it allows us to continue creating the success we seek."

Whatever has happened it isn't to punish us!
It's most probably to push us to expand and grow. 
To 'adjust our direction'.

B8 "What you've been doing is no longer taking you toward your goal."

The universe knows our deepest longings. So if something is 'placed in our way' it is to make us stop and reflect.
Evaluate were we are and were we want to go - and whether our current direction and actions seem to be taking us there.
Probably not :)
Whatever 'restricting us' is guiding us to 'the next level'. 
And it's most likely concerning 'intimate/close relationships' - family.

Do we need to adjust our direction or our goal?

"I shift to meet what's before me."

What is the true source to our felt resistance?
What is this fear (of change/adjustment) that holds us in its grip?

Deck: #RadiantWisdomTarot
Theme: "a celebratory approach to life"

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