Sun + Ten of Wands, Good Tarot + Crystal Tarot


Shine, whether you (feel you) are able to or not!

We had the 'hidden resources' theme just the other day too. The 'there's always room for desert' thing, remember? :)
So again, we're "called to do the work, despite feeling a lack of strength or motivation". Or, feeling it's "more than we can bear" (the trad W10 with the overburdened man).

But, WHY?! your head might cry out.
It will crystallise ;) 

Time to shine and share your abundance (what YOU uniquely have to share), whether you feel like it or not!
NOT a time to 'wait for my energy to come back'. Because what's blocking the energy is inner resistance of some kind, and it wont budge of it's own!
Whether it's resistance to the fact that you're surrounded with abundance (like a deeply rooted belief of 'I'm not worth it), or the "what's-the-point-resistance' ('being good without getting anything back', aka conditional love), or ... something else.

I invite you to curiously (and non-judgmentally) explore and feel into YOUR resistance to 'goodness and sunshine'!
Not looking at it like a laborious task, but more like a conversation with a child while drawing pictures or playing with lego, or the "adult equivalent" - any hobby or daily chores of yours: painting, mowing lawn, shoveling snow, gardening, carrying wood, walking, running.

Deck: #TheGoodTarot
Theme: "good for goodness sake - the calling to create positive change"
Card: The Sun (R)

Deck: #CrystalTarot
Theme: "something is crystallising" "clear as crystal"
Card: Ten of Wands 

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