Strength + Five of Wands, Ellis + Dreamkeepers


Let's not strangle or blow someone's head of today, shall we?! ;)

Today might be challenging. 
Key is connecting with our inner strength.
And 'burn whatever identity we've had' - the face floating in the waters, and "the fires of creation" where the head once sat.

We can choose who we want to be - everyday anew.

Which kind of strength we want to utilize and send out into the world.
How we want to handle internal or external conflict - or (as the card description says), "creating problems where there are none".
As, philosophically speaking - there can be no problem before we name it so.

So whatever is on our agendas today, that we might ('automatically') feel inclined (or the 'need') to 'gear up for' - lets take a deep breath and ask ourselves if we really want to put on that armor again. 
And if we don't want to, why should we?
Is there maybe another way to handle it?

We might today find ourselves in a situation where "all parties involved have their own valid arguments, agendas, needs and wants."
Let's not resist this!
Let's clad ourselves in curiosity instead of steel. 

Instead of focusing on differences, focus on the possibilities.
"these kinds of situations hold the potential for new ideas, as well as opportunities for mutual understanding"

Experiment - try on a new you! 
See how it fits, how it feels!
And tomorrow you can adjust it!

Deck 1: #EllisDeck
Deck 2: #DreamkeepersTarot 

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