Strength, Ceccoli Tarot


It can be painful to follow you own ethical rules!

Yet another deck I don't 'connect' with!
Yesterday the Jungian Tarot, today the Ceccolli Tarot.
I didn't like the gloomy, 'poor me' look of this one - so I bought it!!
As to represent Self Pity in my "system".

Therefore, 'disliking it' for two reasons - the gloomy look, and that I know I'm reaching for the Victim Coat (or already having it on) when getting it (:

Representing a situation where some (fearful/scared/angry) part of you feel something bad or unfair is 'happening to you'.
Never true. Everything is happening FOR you!
And sometimes Because Of You ;)

So, most importantly, it's NOT a "save yourself" situation. 
Be really careful not to project this victim feeling outwards, or finding someone to blame for it.

Something might have 'back-fired' - don't fire back!!
Be The Bigger Person.
Even (maybe Especially) if it's related to money.

If you look only to your own house, it might fall right under your feet.
Act for the Highest Good - THAT's Strength!
Even if the ego feel trampled on (:

(I've been here before - the second card repeating itself in this Card of the Day Series - no super likely, considering I have nearly 200 decks)

Deck: Ceccoli Tarot
Theme: "melancholy, self-pity, victimhood"
Card: Strength (R)
"Take care to maintain your ethical balance"

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