Six of Swords, Mystic Mondays Tarot


"right now you are doing your best to stay afloat"

"Change is not always easy, but this is a necessary transition in your life."

Again, cards and all that's is happening are in line with the upcoming 'expect the unexpected' Uranus-North Node conjunction ( for more info on that).

Heading for new horizons, new land, new opportunities. 
Letting go of things and thoughts (swords) that don't serve you any longer.
Finding new work for your protector parts (google IFS)!

"Leaving home base allows you to grow and expand in unexpected ways."

Even if the 'leaving home' is involuntary or an act that 'some parts of you don't feel ready for'.
Like when you change houses, change town, change work. 
Whether you were fired or you chose to move on yourself, it's a 'leaving a comfort zone'. 
Leaving something familiar and moving towards something unknown is always unsettling to part(s) of us.
No matter if that familiar thing was good for us or not, no matter if the choice to move on was our own or not.

Change IS happening. Necessary - whether we understand it fully or not :)
"Ride the waves - it's easier to go with the flow than to resist the pull".

Accept the change, but don't repress, ignore or mute the part(s) in you resisting it - listen to them, talk to them!
They have good reasons for putting up resistance.
They/it kept you alive in the past!

Deck: #MysticMondaysTarot
Theme: "Good Vibes"
Card: Six of Swords
"transition, migration, letting go"

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