Six of Swords, Journey to the Orient Tarot


"Obligatory steps which help growth."

I believe we have a Stalker Card!
Six of Swords 3 out of 5 days.

The boat moving forward - Enchanted Tarot.
The creature with one sword in his thigh, one in his hand, and 4 above him (and he was running away from his inner fire) - Bosch Tarot.
Now a large ship moving on in hard seas - #JourneyToTheOrientTarot
An escalation in intensity.

Theme wise: Harmonizing the hidden and the visible - skewed perspectives - rationality meets spirituality and mindfulness.
Apparently a deep need to 'harmonize opposites', but a trouble seeing things clearly. Probably because of a thinking bias - a leaning towards the visible and rational maybe?
An unwillingness to get in touch with our inner world and the spiritual side of things?

It seems like the message is that we will have troubles moving on/forward as long as we're not relaxing our current way of thinking and viewing things (swords).
And the waters (emotions) probably wont budge ("calm down") until we do either.

So, will we stubbornly continue to 'fight the waters' the way we've always done it - to 'get out of it as quickly as possible' - or will we pause for a minute and listen to our guts, inner wisdom and befriend the seemingly hostile waters?

If things seems/feels hard, seem to 'never end', 'impossible to get away from', maybe it's something about our own perspective that has to change rather than things around us?
Especially so if it 'keeps happening' again and again :)

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