Six of Pentacles, White Cats Tarot


Who deserves what?
Please do not use a gift as a tool of manipulation. 

Tarot's so lovely!
Third day in a row giving/receiving is in the focal point - today very explicitly so!

As so many times before, this card picks up were we left off yesterday.
When, how, why and who?

As I mentioned yesterday - 'a fairy queen doesn't ask such questions'.
She nurtures all in her kingdom, fairly. 
Much in the same spirit, I read for today's card:
"Establishing who needs the most help is impossible."

The most important thing when giving (or receiving) is to remain within integrity (like a cat).
To have innocent/pure (white) intentions. 
Again - not give to please, not give to look good.
But to give because (when) it's right to give. To support a fellow human, with what you have to offer. 

To value and support others without devaluing or being un-supporting to yourself. 

And again - be practical - pentacles. 
No need to get emotional or (to take things) personal(ly). 

It's not about you.
And it's not about "fairness to the ounce" on the scales.

Don't decide what and how to share based on things in the past, nor things you wish for in the future.
Do not give as 'means to an end'. 

What would life be without sharing?
(recap, decks the past 3 days dealing with this subject: relationships - joy of living - integrity/innocence)

Deck: White Cats Tarot
Theme: "Integrity, pure intentions"
Card: Six of Pentacles (R)

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