Six of Pentacles, Spirit Tarot


Does it feel like 2 steps forward, 1 step back (or to your fears - 3 😉)? Like you're not receiving 'enough'?

Enough of what? What part of us feels this lack? Honestly - can this part ever get enough, from the outside?

The card of 'give and receive', reversed.

Here's a thought that was induced in my brain: maybe we should entertain the possibility that there's balance in the giving and receiving 'spirit wise', though it might feel unbalanced in the material or conscious plane?!

The upright card talks about "kindness".
Is there some part of us perceiving 'lack of kindness' maybe?
Or a felt sense of 'withdrawal' of the same from another?
If we have a very hurt or sensitive part within us, even the slightest withdrawal can be extremely painful.

Not that it is all "it's not them it's us", but most likely a mix. Two traumas meeting each other sort of thing.
Our focus should be on our own part (trauma) though.
If they are willing to look into theirs and/or choose to work on it in some way - awesome, what a bonus!
Our first responsibility will always be ourselves.

Now that seems to be to embrace the part of us that feels 'a lack or lessening in kindness'.
And to have in our mind that another's withdrawal might be THEIR trauma response.
And, that this is an opportunity NOT to chase after the withdrawn, but to reflect the fear triggered in us by this happening.

And only when we're in charge of ourselves again is it sound to put focus on the other - then not in terms of how They affect Us, but in terms of exploring how They Feel -and, only if they're open to this kind of communication.
If they aren't - "are they for us"?
We must beware not to surround us with people where we are always the one 'doing the hard work', necessary adjustment and growth.
If you've been 'adjusting' all your life, this is a hard one to spot - learning to let go, both temporarily and indefinitely!

Deck: #SpiritTarot

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