Six of Pentacles, Lost Code of Tarot


Giving and receiving - or sharing - 'not knowing why', other than it some how feels right.

Deck: #LostCodeOfTarot
Theme: "Origin and meaning yet to be decoded"

Your rational part may question your motives - or lack thereof.
"You can't just give of your time and money like this" it says.

Or maybe it says, "you give more than you get back".
But according to which or whose measure of value?

But something in your heart, or soul, or both, calls you to give and share.
Not to please, or look good.
But to serve.

But also, to heal. 

That may require you to monitor your energy levels closely.
And choose wisely what you share and who you share it with.
Which may very well vary from day to day.
Depending on which parts in you are active.
Depending on whether you are in sympathetic or parasympathetic mode.
Depending on whether your nervous system is regulated or dysregulated.
And so on and so forth.

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