Six of Pentacles, Linestrider's Tarot


"proceed with an open heart and grateful attitude"

Ah, interesting. Two days ago this card appeared in reversed.
But then in a different context - from a totally different deck!

It was not just 'the ordinary P6', we were advised not to play Robin Hood.
With the risk of it being a flight or distraction from the healing work we need to do within, with and for ourselves - and by extension, others.

It's quite the difference between 'loosing (fleeing) ourselves to save others' and true giving, receiving and sharing.

But it's not about shutting out all others, and hiding, either!
Healing work is not best done in total isolation.
It's about finding the right interactions. People and encounters you feel safe in. Were you can be yourself, and were there's giving and receiving. Not mere transactions, but physical and emotional benefit for both or all involved.

If you've been stuck in freeze or fight/flight responses/patterns all your life it may take some trail and error to find out what your system truly needs. Especially as the world we live in is upside-down and built to distract us from our essence (our toxic culture, #DrGaborMate ).
It takes a lot of courage, discipline and endurance to find the (YOUR) path, to 'stride the line'. The Razor's Edge.

So, it's not about total selfless giving, or 'saving the poor(er)'.
It's first and foremost about saving yourself (your mask before the child's) to be able to truly and authentically be there for others (if that's in your calling)
Again, when having active trauma it's about finding safe relationships, with reciprocal care and attention.
It's better to be alone than entertaining dysfunctional relationships, but it's even better to find functional ones :)

Deck: #LinestridersTarot

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