Six of Cups, Disney Villains Tarot


Don't let past "failures" or fear inform your present attitude!

The card of nostalgia. Reversed.
Just because something happened in one way in the past doesn't mean it will happen that way again!
Don't become that bitter, grumpy character you see in cartoons ;)

As a little child, you tripped and fell over many times before you mastered the art of walking - what if you had given up after 1,2, 3 or even 10 "failures"?!
You would have been stuck crawling!

Don't let fear of failure, or even a suitcase of past failure stop you from learning - some stuff ARE hard to learn, and maybe it gets 'harder by age', but that doesn't mean you should give up or stop developing (or only choose what's easy...)!

Keep showing up!
Not primarily to learn or excel, but to change the narrative, to get out of the grip of the past.
Life is an adventure. Meant to be explored.
You don't have to be perfect, do everything right, understand every part of the way.
How fun is that?
Not so much, right?!

Get out there, and be YOU!
Obsess less about the doing part :)

You're always a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously!

Deck: #DisneyVillainsTarot
Card: Six of Cups (R)

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