Six of Cups, Cosmic Slumber Tarot


Tarot is a particularly peculiar and powerful tool, and the greatest support.

Yesterday afternoon one of my cats was put to his eternal rest - or one might call it, his Cosmic Slumber...

A kind of event that is hard to grasp and "understand".
The theme of the deck in my 'system' happens to be, "connecting what does not fit together, showing what we cannot see".
The departure of a loved one never 'fits in' according to rational reasoning, but in the cosmic scheme of it course does.
Events like these certainly show things we cannot see - if we allow it.

I read, in the introduction, "This deck is about the peace we feel when we're in a deep slumber"
It's like the cards softly want to assure me that he is in a good place <3
I love how the Universe talks to me through the cards - through the language I have developed with them.

I read on, "our destiny lies in our friends and family", that we, in one way or another, need people. Even if we (like me) have a tendency to choose solitude.
This was not just mine cat. Shortly after I moved to where I live now, this cat promptly decided to move in at my neighbors. Firstly they weren't that keen over his choice, but soon they gave way, and then they melted. So we sort of 'shared him'. I was his 'owner', they were his primary caretakers, and he was free to go between us as it pleased him, though we humans didn't know each other. Can freedom and sharing/caring be more beautifully manifested than that?
This is what I look back at (C6 - nostalgia) with such deep gratefulness, mixed with deep feelings of grief (reversed). 

The cause to his passing I leave concealed, but we had a very beautiful burial ceremony, and he is now resting under the neighbor's apple tree - with his collar, a favorite toy, a little something from his cat "brother", and a medal from his exhibition days.

C6 "Reflection and building. Look back upon the happiness you have felt, and honor this past by living the present to the fullest."
What an individual, piercing hearts with his unabashed character. Only great memories, but right now - I will cry all the tears that need to be cried.

Deck: CosmicSlumberTarot

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