Six of Cups, Apokalypsis Tarot


Potential for an AHA-moment, realting to something (maybe bothering)  from the past!

While apocalypse often is related to 'the complete final destruction of the world', a more truer meaning of the word is 'revelation, disclosure' (from the ancient Greek apokálupsis).
I relate it to the Tower. Devastating by means of being robbed of comfort or something you held true - but which is actually a release and clean-out making room for something new/better (if we are willing to find that door).

And here this revelation moment seems to be related to something from the past (the card of nostalgia).
Maybe some form of gathering is involved - three children "playing ritual".
(in Sweden we have flowery 'midsummer celebrations' all across the country today - the perfect day to catch Sweden off guard, pretty much everything is closed or close early, and everyone eats pickled herring - as we do at all our feasts ;))

Maybe you are now invited to recall or revisit something from the past and see it with new eyes - befriend it, see it's part in the whole, and/or be grateful for it's lessons or what it thought you (even though it still hurts or triggers longing in some way - reversed).

 "Before maturity you must be innocent; before gaining wisdom you must be naïve."
Do not fall pray for regret or shame. You couldn't know what you didn't know!
Celebrate your courage and childlike (not childish) nature!

"retracing your own steps back down the paths you have walked"
"It is these re-trodden paths - now well-travelled and worn - that return you to your balance, that water the flower of kindness in your heart."

I just absolutely LOVE to retrace my steps!
Connect the dots, see the winding path behind me leading to were I stand today.
But for sure, some things are more heartfelt in a squeezing way than others to revisit. These have to be approached more delicately. When ripe to be seen with new eyes. When 'the right amount of time have past'. Maybe in company with 'the right people' (surroundings where you feel safe).
And if so; I have found that embracing these very events, who I was in them, what they taught me - and the one teaching me - evokes the most amazing gratitude in my heart.
A feeling replaceable by none!

Deck: #ApokalypsisTarot
Theme: "a disclosure or revelation of great knowledge"
Card: Six of Cups (R) 

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