Seven of Swords + Two of Swords, Fire + Hermetic


Burn down all misrepresentations of yourself!

It doesn't have to be more complex than that :)

Decide to act and talk from your heart and your most loving place within you, every moment, and you'll be fine!
Stop disguising or hiding "unlikable" part of you.
Not that everything should be said at every time and place - there are times when certain things just ain't suitable or necessary to mention - but don't hide parts because you think they are unlikable!
It's ok to hold back, but it's not recommended to misrepresent yourself in the long run.
It might make you appear cool and funny for time being, but will cause troubles, conflicts or bitterness later on.

Do the work of burning down all falsehood within you, and making the choice of love and acting and speaking from the heart every moment.
Even in complex situations, which is where the mind likes to make things more difficult then they are (a lovely feature of the head: "creating problems" of situations just being what they are)!
Even if it IS complex, and you're unsure about what's going on or where you're heading, acting from your heart is the place to anchor!

It's not about 'them' or anyone 'out there', it's a lesson in being true to yourself without scorching everyone around you :)
Diligently calling on your own falsehood - not others'.

Deck: Fire Tarot 
Theme: "inner fire"
Card: Seven of Swords
"a shaman expresses his own energy with fire. Difficulties and obstacles along your path"

Deck: Hermetic Tarot
Theme: "complex beyond comprehension (for the time being)"
Card: Two of Swords (R) - Lord of Peace Restored
"falsehood, misrepresentation"

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