Seven of Pent's + Six of Swords


The absence of "results" doesn't equal failure - cracking the code of life is a journey, and takes consistent work, perseverance, and "passing tests".

Maybe you're eager to see 'your hard work pay off'. See things 'coming to fruition'. 
You easily feel "beaten" when things don't pan out the way you wish/hope?
Or, at the speed you want?

It's easy to forget that life is the journey itself. That all and every situation, event, action, word and emotion are lessons in and of their-selves. 

It's essential that that you do things and work for the love of it - not to 'gain results', not to 'get something back', not 'keeping count'.
I read for THIS reversed P7 (having a rather nontraditional meaning): "work undertaken for the love of it"

Doing what you need to do. Doing what your soul wants you to do. Doing what some hurt part of you needs for healing. 
Acting from love, not fear. Not to gain results or prevent something you're afraid of, but acting for things you believe in.
Again and again and again.
Being grateful for all the lessons and guidance life itself gives you. 
Maybe being a beacon or inspiration to others coming after, or observing you closely or at a distance.
Without lecturing them.

Even if friends or family don't understand your choices.
Even if you're choices make you feel lonely from time to time.

I see the rope in the P7. I think about how hard it is to climb up a loosely hanging rope this. And how we somehow are taught that life is like that - a striving upwards, a struggle, demanding hard work and a constant hard grip not to lose your position and control. 
How we are taught to see setbacks and oppositions (the falling/attacking balls) as reasons to 'fight harder' or hold tighter, not as guidance to step down, reflect and change course. 
If we fall we're taught to get back to that (our...) rope as quickly as possible - like there's only one possible road in life.
To "get back in line".
Whatever means or medications (read: drugs) necessary.


I'm done struggling and climbing!
If things 'doesn't happen', they're not for me!
At least not now.
Maybe down the road!
Further lessons or experiences to decode away.

I'm determined not to 'grip'.
I feel most harmonious when I let things (and people) unfold without (or with very little) interference from my part!
Unlearning, and leaving old thought patterns behind (6oS). 

Deck: #ParrottTarot
Theme: "teaching/learning"
Card: Seven of Pent's (R)

Deck: #LostCodeOfTarot
Theme: "meaning yet to be decoded"
Card: Six of Swords

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