Seven of Pent's + Knight of Cups, Mermaid + Zenned Out


Lets walk through these step by step!

Deck: #MermaidTarot
Theme: "seductive emotions"
Card: Seven of Pentacles (R)

Deck: #ZennedOutTarot
Theme: "through the lens of divine sight"
Card: Knight of Cups (R)

Mixed emotions around "Business, trade", if I read in the book. Regarding a treasure if I look at the card (and I think about the 'gift'  YD)
The divine proposes that you "open yourself up to love". 

The first card being reversed stresses the overwhelmed part - a "not knowing which emotions to trust". This could very well manifest outwardly in "meeting a mermaid". A person that's persuasive, to the border of seductive. If that irritates you in some way, it might highlight the fact that you most probably either have a persuasive/seductive/manipulative part within you that you're either not familiar with, or haven't befriended fully.
Or, if it "makes you feel uncertain/uneasy", it might be an invitation to step back and meditate on that.
So, some form of gift/possibility/offer seem to have stirred stuff within you.
Should I, should I not. Why, why not. For whose sake?
Easier said than done: make sure the decision is yours, and not someone else's!

Knight of Love and emotions rev.
Again, it might highlight the theme of uncertainty or judgment about another. The distrust of an offering - involving some form of investment or commitment (prev card) on your part.
Is it the person/offering coming from a 'seductive/unconscious place', or is it you having uncharted fears about investment, commitment or choice? Maybe it's both :)
Look through the eyes of Love and Compassion!

And sorry to be the one saying it - sometimes you only know afterwards!

Whatever you choose to do, it will be the right choice.
Why? Because that's the choice you made :)

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