Seven of Pentacles, Spirit Tarot


Sometimes rest generates the most progress in the long run!

Not a day to be busy.
Not a day for quick wins.

A day to tend to your spirit. 
Trust that seeds have been planted, which will flower in due time.

Maybe your vision is still a bit blurry (yesterday), and you're still a bit focused on the 'bad' things - the damp forest smell and opportunistic fungus!

Hang in there!
Things are happening behind the scene.
No need to rearrange stuff, or fall prey to urges telling you to 'fix' this or that.
Good things will come out of this eventual 'mess' or 'dark forest' - eventually!

Deck: SpiritTarot
Theme: "behind the scenes, play of lights and shadows, magic" 
Card: Seven of Pentacles
"successful dealings"

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