Seven of Pentacles, Gay Tarot


Cut the crap - make a clean cut, and shape it up!

A non-traditional take on P7.
Instead of a lady patiently waiting for the crop to ripen for harvest, here we have cutting, refining, shaping and trowing away what's not needed. 

So whatever situation you're in, it's no much about waiting for things to grow or develop - things are as they are.
Maybe it doesn't feel good/right (the imbalance between facts and spirit yesterday) but you're not in a position to change it - it out of your control.
Like yesterdays reversed Page, today's reversed card also hints about patience/waiting - not action.
At least not outward action - but inward.

We have 'face yourself' (deck theme), we have cutting, shaping, throwing out and we have 'boundaries'.
What can this situation teach you about your boundaries (hedge shaping) and how to shape them?
If you can't (for now) change the situation, how can you shape your interaction in/participation with it?
What needs to be cut/cleared away for you to stay true to yourself/soul/mission?

No hurry. Take your time.
Don't let uncomfortable feelings, and/or feelings of hurt, make you loose your cool, or trigger you to make hasty decisions. 
This is an opportunity to create "Authentic Power" (see Gary Zukav).
This is an opportunity for healing - don't throw that in the bin!

Do not act unless you CALMLY know what to do/say.
Remember: once something is cut it can't be put back.
Be careful when and were you apply your scissors!

Deck: Gay Tarot
Theme: Face yourself
Card: Seven of Coins (R)
"contemplating life's cycles and changes" - there's no such thing as coincidence. 

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