Ring, Far Sight Lenormand



June 22nd this exact card came up.

Accepting your goal is out of sight (or even unknown, as in my case) but committing to the journey and the work anyway.
Trusting that if you do the work of becoming the best version of yourself, and commit to following your creativity and passion in each step you take (yesterday) - The Universe will open doors you haven't even seen.

Step by step, holding the space for something even greater to enter into you life, while enjoying the journey and embracing the not knowing!

This time the new beginning isn't about a thing, or a project, it's all about commitment - commitment to your true self. (Year of The Lovers)
That's why it's "taking time". Because it's not about leaving one thing and jumping into something new, "out there".
But about leaving all that isn't in alignment with your soul's purpose and promoting creativity and growth - not second guessing yourself because others think you should "think again before you..." - and begin truly living you own life!
Even though what you have might "look good" from the outside, and that you "should keep what you have" - because there's no alternatives in sight...!

But YOU  Know There's More!

I repeat an advice from yesterday: this is not a time to 'play it safe'!
Not a time to 'settle', to 'compromise'.
Not for rushing or pushing either, but for committing to exploration, expansion and creativity!

Deck: Far Sight Lenormand
Theme: "Navigating towards a goal out of sight"
Card: Ring

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