Queen of Wands + Gateway, Maker's + Sacred Destiny


Have faith, trust in your gut and your tools, and the path will be revealed!

Maybe yesterday's cards was about 'death to the part of you who's afraid of standing tall'?
Because today we're sort of having 'standing tall is the gateway'!

I read about the importance of strong and deliberate motions when using a punch needle - that one cannot 'halfway commit' - for the tool to pierce the fabric and "leave a proper loop in its wake", or the whole piece will come apart in the end...
We are adviced not to be afraid to 'wield the tools at our disposal'.

The second card confirms.
"A small amount of action now will generate much bigger results."

It is so with these 'magical portals and gateways' that they don't open themselves. 
That we cannot and must not sit around and wait for the path to reveal itself.
It's about daring to take steps and trusting they are there, and will open.
I think about the Indiana Jones movie, in which he seeks the grail. The scene where the bridge over the void appears as he walks. 

But again - small actions generate big results.
Just like it's not about sitting, waiting and just polishing your tools hoping someone come and ask for them, it's not about doing anything grand scale. 
Like for Indiana - it's about having the courage to take yet another step, though there appears to be no solid ground in front of our feet. 
Place the next loop, and the next. 
Not getting ahead of ourself - following our creativity (spirit/wand) rather than our (fearful) thoughts.

As the theme of the second deck says:
"There is a powerful and profound reason that you are here" 

Deck: #MakersTarot
Theme: "creativity"

Deck: #SacredDestinyOracle
Theme: "There is a powerful and profound reason that you are here"

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