Queen of Swords, Holy Grail Tarot


Do you feel at your wits end?!

And despite there are many willingly serving you, you just don't seem able to figure this one out?

Let's ponder this. 
Might there be a reason for this - your yearned for 'answer' - delay?
What if the the universe has plan with this 'suspension period', to let you 'hang there'.
What might be perceived by us as 'taking time', maybe is a 'receiving of time'?
Time to process something. Time to reveal something. Time to let go of something - control maybe ;)

One thing is for certain - there's no such thing as coincidence!

Also - obsessing about it just doesn't help... ;)

But it's an understandable reaction - something important is at stake here. 
I'm thinking about the deck theme. 

Whatever our situation, it's something striking our core. Triggering our most vulnerable places.
That's why we're so eager to 'solve' it.
And probably why the universe 'delay' us.
To give us time to befriend our vulnerability. 
To give us time to find the strength hidden in our weakness. 

Deck: #HolyGrail
Theme: "the holiest of quests"

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