Queen of Pentacles, Tarot of Zirkus Mägi


Things happen - the show must go on!
There's the life behind the scenes - and the life onstage/work. 
Both must be managed, and balanced - in themselves, and between each other. And within You.

"The Heart working in concert with the hands".

Doing, caring, giving - to the show, to the crew and family, and to yourself.
Life ain't always easy business, but...the show must go on!

As I've written the last days - sometimes there's just no other option than to keep moving, and let things happen, come, and go!
Put your costumes on, get onstage, do your thing, get off, and wash off your makeup - and get on with next thing to be done on the list. 

Things might feel rather chaotic, but it's just the circus of life.
Nothing new under the sun. 

Do your magic when asked onstage, just mind your own business, and your role in the circus, off it.

Deck: The Tarot of the Zikus Mägi
Theme: The Circus of Life
Card: Duchess of Rings
"embodies the spirit of "impetus", of "setting into motion" the very things that the king of this suit can only conceive"

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