Queen of Pentacles, Joie de Vivre Tarot


Nurture/support, don't smother/spoil/please!
If 'giving' drains you, there's a second agenda lurking somewhere in you :)

So, yesterday there was advice to relax and enjoy life, which continues today!
As a with this very name (and therefore theme) pays a visit: "a cheerful enjoyment of life" (wiki)!

Yesterday there was suggestions about offering/receiving gifts.
And as it happens, this is in the card today too - the nurturing/supporting Queen P! 

But in reverse. So lets dive into the similarities, differences and nuances in this matter, shall we?!

Yesterday we had giving and enjoying - today I feel a little warning regarding 'giving/receiving to please'. 
The fellow yesterday: relaxed, giving out of sheer service and joy - and love of life and love itself!
No second guesses.
Now some insecurities and fear (a rabbit today) seemed to have crept in. 

Will she like this? Will I be appreciated for it? Has he deserved it?
Like, should I really buy a Christmas gift for X - will I get one?!

Would a fairy queen ask such questions?! :) 

Give because you want to, and it feels good (nay, natural and right - with innocence like yesterday).
But also, know when to hold back your 'caring helping hand' - a Queen knows that people need to learn helping themselves and managing on their own too!
And yes - they even need to be let go to make their own mistakes sometimes :)

You know - time can also be gift!
As in 'giving others time to experience things on their own, come to their own conclusions and their own answers'.

"Seek practical solutions"!
Make decisions and choices based on what's ACTUALLY going on - not what you FEEL or wish/think is going on (or not) :)

Deck: Joie de Vivre Tarot
Theme: "joy of living"
Card: Queen of Coins
(R) "Being a slave to one's own generosity. Suspicion and fear."

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