Queen of Pentacles, Elora Tarot


Taking care of your resources day!

The traditional look on pentacles is Money, Matter, Business, but I prefer 'resources' in a broader and/or more immaterial way.
As I mostly use Tarot as a self-knowledge / personal-development tool I like to include the body, energy and capacities into the concept. 

This would mean nurture (Queen) your body (pent's).
Which matches quite nicely with the theme in the 21 day journey I'm taking with #DrAimie right now!
First weak is all about somatic experiencing. Safety - exercises promoting feeling safe in your own body.
Building trust with your wounded parts, your hurt inner child, aka trauma trapped in your body.
#SomaticExperiencing #InternalFamilySystems #InnerChildWork

It make take some time if you've (like me) been disconnected from your body your whole life - feeling wise.
I've always had great body awareness. Physical wise. 
I'm very aware of how to USE the body wisely. Relax muscles not used. 'Placing it correctly' and so on. Technique before mere force. I've always been very active, and love 'using my body'.
But at 32 it stopped 'working properly' (I'm 41 now).
It's been a razor's edge since.
And well before that. 
I've always felt a very limited amount of energy in my body - and anxiety constantly lurking, ready to blow up any time, any place. 
This past december I finally understood why.
Trapped trauma.

I've come a LONG way since 2012. 
Alone (I don't care much for the present "health care" system - divorced it when they labelled me sick and broken, and handed me a bunch of antidepressants).
But mostly cognitively, mostly 'coping'.
Not deep true healing.

But it's never to late to re-parent yourself!
Now I'm determined.
Like this unusually red and firey but firm and resolute QoP! :)


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