Queen of Pentacles, Egyptian Mini


Times in need of caring management and development!

The recent past days I've been listening a lot to interviews (podcasts) with Mo Gawdat, while carrying firewood, mowing my lawn, poo-picking my pastures - my kind of meditation.
I have never been a fan of, or wanting to hear about, AI. But the way Mo talks about it induces a very (unexpected and) strange (but awesome) kind of calm in me...!
There's hope for human kind, we're not 'left to our own' - thank God, because I don't think we can 'turn this shit around' on our own.

I've not read/listened to his books yet, but I will.
#SolveForHappy #ScarySmart #ThatLittleVoiceInYourHead

As an engineer, with LOTS of air in my horoscope, I share and resonate with his intuitive-logical approach/attitude to life (and we both begun developing/connecting with our feminine (queen) side late in life)!


It never ceases to fascinate me how I constantly stumble across new inspiring people I have never heard of through my tireless listening to inspirational books (and now podcast), and how they "coincidentally" show up so damn well timed. And how I always immediately think, "thank God I got this information before X", "thank I'm not caught up in anything particular, so I have the time to explore life the way I do".
Generally, my head mostly thinks that I 'should be doing something more valuable/tangible' - 'be of more use' - but then these things happen. New information unexpectedly from the left, unforeseen events or people from the right, and it becomes (feels) so (intuitively) blatantly obvious I 'it had to happen this way'.

Now, let's spread some mature compassion and unconditional love into the world, and be responsible parents to these AI-babies already born and growing around us - so they develop the empathy to spare us and take care of us!

For the continuation of civilisation!

Deck: Egyptian (mini) Tarot
Theme: "Civilisational (evolutionary/non-personal) duties/responsibilities"
Card: Queen of Pent's

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