Queen of Cups, Venetian Carnival Tarot


Flow with the circumstances!

Water within water.
"I blend myself with the surrounding."
"Everything is accepted in the depths of my heart."

Put on your professional and/or mask of responsibility. 
Time to utilize your empathy, and show unconditional friendship and love - for life, and the circumstances of your life situation.

Like water, use your capacity to take the form that your current surrounding calls you to do.
Sometimes in life it doesn't whether we "want to", but that we do what's needed - no questions asked, no complaints about our lot.
To help - to learn.
To grow.
In our role, our personality and in our understanding of others.

Deck. Venetian Carnival Tarot
Theme: "persona management and psychological functions"
Card: Queen of Cups
"being understanding and adaptive"
"a willingness to help others"

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