Queen of Cups, Cosmic Cycles Tarot


"Nurturing and caring for others is no simple task, and the Queen of Cups should not forget to also take care of the most important  person which is herself."

To be able to be 'a loving kindergarten teacher' we must first take care of ourselves. We can't pour energy over others and live on the leftovers, it's just not sustainable. 

It can take quite the energy to "Advocate for peace and kindness." To live by example.
Another reason not to settle for leftovers - I mean, what an example is that?
Do we want to model 'to the next generation' that's it's right to push down your own needs?!

To be able to give out, we must first give in :)
Just like we're instructed to put on our own oxygen mask before we help the child on the airplane.

Or maybe it's not our task to 'teach the world'.

We can also look at this with #InternalFamilySystem eyes!
That the children in kindergarten represent our inner younger parts, and the loving teacher is the Self that shows each child how important it is. That they're loved for just who they are! That there's nothing they must do or be to be accepted or 'earn' affection, appreciation or attention. That all emotions are welcome.
This is crucial work if we have parts of us not feeling this 'enoughness', because of 'childhood trauma' (overwhelming experiences not being adequately regulated, or other 'gaps/incidents' effecting your nervous system development). 

It can also be called #reparenting
Seeing, listening to and embracing all our parts and their emotions #NoBadParts
Standing up for our inner children/parts, maybe like no one has done before.
Unburden / take the pressure off wounded and exhausted parts. 
Finding and healing the alarms in our body #TheAnxietyMD

It's not about changing behaviors - but healing what causes the need for them.

Deck: #CosmicCyclesTarot
Theme: "story telling"
Card: Queen of Cups
Nurturing her children to be people with character and values.

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