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(side note: Last received December 4th last year :))

Some sense of 'delayed news', regarding fire.

As it happens, I have some issues with the heating system in my house.
And yes, I heat my house with fire!

It broke down the day before yesterday (the coldest day of the season so far, -14).
It was fixed yesterday.
The stove doesn't reach proper working temperature, so there's certainly a delay in warming up the accumulator tank.

I believe I understand where the problem lies, is I've gotten an in-depth description of the system now, but no point in denying it - I'm reluctant (deck theme) calling the plumber again.
No reason to fight it though - there's no way around it, the problem will unfortunately not go away by itself!

So, what was hoped to be fixed in one day, now seems to take three - with possible 'delay' in between.

I read for the specific card,
"Analysis of your own intentions. Harmonizing with your own higher values."

What is our reluctance rooted in?
Why does this feel like an annoyance?
Where's there a mismatch in our intention and the truth/reality of the situation?
Why is there a resistance to seeing this to an end?
How does our resistance work against 'who we truly are'?

Deck: #MibramigTarot
Theme: "reluctance taking on responsibility"

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