Page of Swords + The Lovers, Housewives + Journey to the Orient


Time to cut someone off for a more peaceful mind?

Someone mischievous cutting (hurting) you in an "innocent" - read disrespectful or childish - way, and not willing/able to see it (and it's not your job teaching them).
Make room for someone new "appearing like out of the blue" :)

Prankish and teasing out of the household for good, mindful in!

You want what's supporting your healing and growth around you, and those who wants to 'do the work' themselves in some form or another.
At least when it comes to the people you have closest to you, and talk to the most!
Of course not all clients or coworkers need to understand and stay alert to all your needs, it's primarily your job - but you need to have people around you making Your Job easier :)

Not everything should be 'endured'. Not everything is a lesson to 'withstand'.
Sometimes the lesson is 'cut and move on', and learning to do so in a respectful and loving way, Without Shrinking Yourself.

Make decisions in alignment with your heart and soul, not out of patterns, fears, reasoning or in the grip of a trauma response.
It is the year of The Lovers my friend!

Deck: HousewivesTarot
Theme: "tending your house"
Card: Page of Swords (R)

Deck: JourneyToTheOrientTarot
Theme: "turn towards mindfulness"
Card: The Lovers (R)
"Knowing how to make decisions will help growth"
"Choices will help wisdom mature"

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