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"Oboshi Yuranosuke Yoshio was the leader of the 47 Ronin. His last poem read,
'My Lord's life is as great as a mountain. My life, however, is as light and trivial as a piece of hair.'"

When we have inherited that almost insatiable sense of responsibility, that make us see and feel ourselves as disposable tools.
Like a samurai, inhabiting an "indifference to pain, and unflinching loyalty" (wiki).
When it's more complex than "getting out of your head", and/or "change your thinking" (yesterday and the day before)

(I have Saturn by my Asc, sometimes blown out of proportion by the adjacent Jupiter ':)
And, Vesta in the 12th house - "You eagerly commit to ideals and want to be of service to the world."
And, North Node 11th, "suggests that in this lifetime, you have to focus more on how you help your community." #astrology #natalchart )

I read, "Devotion: Critical and implacable spirit."
That part of us that never lets us sit down, or take even the shortest break. #internalfamilysystems
Duty before all.
Family before individual.
Death before dishonor. 

Old outdated traditions and teachings!
Time to #BreakThePattern - 'reverse' it!

But again - it's NOT just about 'changing your thinking', or 'creating new routines', or writing positive affirmations, or 'challenging your comfort zone'!
Not unlikely those attempts would result in overriding/overwhelming the system - pushing it out of balance, in an unsafe manner. 
If your have a deeply ingrained part of you (through 'configuration', heritage, learning, surviving - or ALL of those) being strongly convinced that duty comes first, and that 'sitting down' is highly disgraceful, you have to 'proceed with respect and awareness'. 
#WindowOfTolerance #CPTSD #CPTSR

All healing (life) journeys are unique!

Deck: #SamuraiTarot
Theme: "Bushido"

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