Page of Swords, Maker's Tarot


"Your first few pieces may be sloppy, but that's okay - follow your enthusiasm and keep expressing yourself."

The advice to spread heartfelt words from a creative and inspired place continue!
Maybe this feels a bit new and scary and maybe you don't like the feeling of 'not excelling', but keep going - perfectionism is just a #traumaresponse ;)

I read the keywords, "new ideas, thirst for knowledge, curiosity"

Gain knowledge by experimenting and experiencing!
Look what and how others (that inspire you) do (but not for too long ;)) for inspiration, and then try out yourself and find your own expression!

Does the world really need one more [word of your choice] ?!
Your unique way of doing and expressing things are (as) needed (as anyone else's) :)
#SimilarButDifferent #PiecesOfTheSamePie #SameSameButDifferent 

Deck: #theMakersTarot
Theme: "make something of/follow your creativity"
Card: Page of Swords - Rug Tufting

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