Page of Swords, Ethereal Visions Tarot


Intentional movement!

So, this deck has appeared 3 times in 7 days (and I skipped drawing one of those days)...!
Not so likely, considering I have 200+ decks.

Deck theme: "not of this world"
Apparently, it's really important that we 'look beyond the ordinary'. Look beyond the so called 'real world' of ours. 
Because the culture we live in, is toxic (#GabourMate )
Everything we're surrounded by is 'upsidedown'.  
This society/system of ours truly needs change.
WE need to change.
Not in a reactive way, but a PROactive one!

Humanity needs that enough of us jumps off this runaway train and 'start a new world'.
(I listened to this awesome podcast episode yesterday. #DrRanganChatterjee interviewing #ZachBushMD in #FeelBetterLiveMore )

A world focused not on surviving, competing, controlling, and 'killing/getting rid of everything uncomfortable', but on cooperation,  coexistence, interconnectedness, healing, relationships, biodiversity and thriving.

Time doesn't heal - unless it's intentionally spent!
Again, no rush. Take your time to set intentions in alignment with your 'emotional, spiritual and physical needs'.
Try to do it without extensive thinking! 
Make sure your head listens to and cooperates with your body.
Be curious and open like this young page.

Set intentions, and follow them (again, don't rush up into your head and second guess them...)!
I refer to the raised sword. Raised not in an energy of aggressiveness, but one of clarity.  
Don't get stuck on results or goal, but look how far you've already come!
I refer do the young lady glancing back over her shoulder, seeing the considerable climb she has just pulled through! 

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