Page of Swords, Atavist Tarot


Event out of the blue!

"expect conflict to arise from the excitement"

This deck again - twice in six days.
Deck: Atavist Tarot
Theme: "finding balance between religion and science (or spirit/head - or intuition/facts)"
Card: Boy of Swords (R) (air of air)

Something has happened, striking a bit light lightning.
Facts are suddenly at cross-hairs with intuition. Spirit-head out of alignment.
In the blink of an eye there's an imbalance hard to get a hold of, and thoughts sprinting in all directions (double air), desperately trying to figure out what did just happened, and why.

It all felt so deeply truly right. You went all in, for the greater good, with all you got - as you were guided to yesterday (Holy Grail - Chariot).
And then, BOOM! Sledgehammer.

Thoughts - and of course feelings - all over the place.
Hold your horses. Beware emotional reactions - opt for facing and healing your frightened parts.
Before solving or doing anything on the outside - wait for the inner turmoil to settle, and realign your own divided/split self.

Everything has a meaning.
Also this.
What has and will come up now needs to be healed, before addressing any 'trigger' and 'rearranging circumstances/surroundings'.

Full Moon (opposing my natal Uranus) in Taurus - ground yourself!

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