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Don't be afraid to show your vulnerability and authentic self!

Are we afraid what someone else will think?
What someone else will see?

That's not our business!
Our business is to focus on ourselves :)

Does it bother you that you can't 'grasp the situation', that you can't find the words for what's happening or what you're feeling?
Why do we feel the need to be able to explain or describe everything?
How would it change things if we were able to "describe them better"? 

Wouldn't it take the mystery away?
Maybe even the life of it?

The Way.
"The Tao that can be expressed in words is not the eternal Tao" 

As soon as we try to explain something, the thing is gone - and we're left with the description of it.
With the risk of loosing the experience of it.

Don't get me wrong - words are awesome!
Words are quite often necessary.
I love them - I'm pretty much all air in my horoscope, with a prominent Mercury, and a Gemini Moon ':)

But why not let them follow what we experience instead of letting them take the lead?
Or choose them in a way that resonates with our soul/heart and not in a way that 'pleases our head'?

"a card of complete trust and faith in that which is beyond our ability to comprehend. [...] we have to surrender to the flow that moves through us" 

Time to stop shrinking, hiding, and cover ourselves. Out of fear of not being liked or accepted. 
Time to end the fruitless attempts at grasping life, of 'having to know in beforehand'. 
Whatever moves through us - let it. 

"we are going to get where we need to go"

Deck: #MagicMangaTarot
Theme: "reality or fiction?"

Deck: #PatchTarot
Theme: "strengthen a weak point"

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