Page of Cups + Page of Wands, Holy Grail + Transparent


Challenge of the day: whatever messages comes through, stay neutral (transparent) and look at it a little from a distance.

Pair in pages. Highlighting a news/messages theme. 
There's important stuff in here - we have The Holy Quest deck, a card showing messages from above/the divine.
Breathing 'things from the past' - I see the temple and the old pillars. Broken down because of war, or just weather and time passing by?
Some form of team-work? Rarely is there more than one person on page cards.

Then we have the reminder to remain transparent. To 'let things pass through us', and not stuck - not taking things personally. 
And instead of filling the card, the page is placed in the lower right corner.
It looks as if he's 'keeping his distance'.
I associate a little to yesterday's card. About having the authority to say no. Here more in terms of 'watching/observing', instead of fully engaging (filling the card/taking up all space :)).
It's like the page in the second card is watching how things unfold in the other card! :D

This is one reason I love using so many decks - and that randomly!
The cards can then easily reveal/tell so much more then 'just the traditional meaning of the card'.
It ignites my intuition and creativity like nothing else! <3
This is the best part of my day :)

Back to the cards!
It may be a challenge to remain transparent and and not 'interfere with the process'.
Something may 'shake your ground' or remind you of "old mistakes" (the fallen pillars).
The sense of importance (The Quest for the Grail) may make you nervous and afraid - or eager!
All the new information may overwhelm you.

Watch everything happen like a fly one wall.
That includes everything that happens inside you :)
Know that there's nothing you should or must do right now - even if it might feel like that!
Remember your right to say no, not now, not yet, and have the strength/courage to let things go if they want to (yesterday)!

Trust the Process!

Deck: #HolyGrailTarot
Deck: #TransparentTarot

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