Page of Cups, Kingdom Within


Dealing with mixed feelings and/or undefined intentions?!
In yourself or someone else?
Maybe both, but the deck clearly says kingdom #within :)

I love when a card "diverges from the traditional"!

Trad, upright: creative opportunities, intuitive messages, curiosity, dreamer, naivete, innocence, inner child
Trad, reversed: doubting intuition, creative blocks, emotional immaturity, emotional vulnerability, immaturity, neglecting inner child, escapism, insecurity

Here we have, A Trickster..!
(Reflecting the guide book writer(s)/creator(s)?!)

Matches the upcoming astrological event mentioned yesterday - North Node conj Uranus.
Shaking our foundations, demanding (unexpected) change - for the better, but might not feel like so at first!

So it might be that emotions run wild now. Messages from left and right shaking our ground. Triggering exiles (wounded parts of us). Activating all sorts of protectors in us - parts in us that wants to shield us from pain - current pain, and future/anticipated pain.

We might feel unsure of whom we can trust. Unsure about other people's intentions - maybe mirroring our own uncertainty, fear of being vulnerable, or fear of being taken advantage of ("tricked"). 
Especially in regards to relationship - the loving couple on the ground.

And I read about Puck, "one of the most popular imps in English folklore", and his "well-intended mistake of giving the wrong young man a love potion" in the guide-book.
Some relationships in life truly feel improbable - like someone got "the wrong glass" - don't they?!

Whatever's going on, it's stirring up emotions and 'messing with your head'!
Rest assure that's it's Not coincidentally, but a 'necessary shaking up' :)

Maybe to help you become clear on what you truly want and need!

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