Page of Cups, Golden Age of Hollywood


"Playing the Glad Game"

Deck: Golden Age of Hollywood
Theme: "the power to unilaterally stop an official action" (the deck has 4 veto's in it)
Card: Magic of Cups

My car unilaterally stopped me from official action (work) this morning - empty battery.
I haven't been well for over a week, but figured in my head, "just one client wont hurt, and it's a short drive"... though feeling in my heart and body I really shouldn't be working on/with anything yet (my head MASSIVELY dislike this drawn out 'delay' going on, through my body). 
For maybe the first time in my life I forgot the lights on my car, over the night (and I've been driving for 23 years).
So, no going anywhere today!

Did I mention I pulled Chariot (R) yesterday evening, for the position "a message of wisdom for the season" (see story) ? (:

So, what to do instead?
"Learning to love. A love letter. Friendship. Message of love. A promise kept."

How fitting it's Christmas Season - the time of giving and spreading love and joy!

Don't worry, be happy?!
Would be so much easier if the head/body wasn't locked in an inexplicable anxiety mood for the time being!

Fake it 'til you make it - "Play the Glad Game"!

This too shall pass.

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