Nine of Wands + The Hanged Man, Radiant Wisdom + Gorgon's


Life is a marathon, not a sprint!

The patience theme continues.
First card Rest, and then I like how The Hanged One come up laying on it's side! Possible only with an unusually shaped deck.

Rest from what?
From your mission to spread light and awareness, and from digging deep and uncover your shadows.
Yes, it's all important work, but rest is as important as lifting the weights. 
It's during rest the muscles repair and strengthen themselves. 

Like in the airplane - your own oxygen mask firstly.
You're of much better use for the world if you tend to your own health and well-being first (and that's how you best teach others to take care of themselves - leading by example :))

Yesterday we we're strongly advised not to buy new ideas or "well intended words/ideas", today the "await more information" thought I suggested is strengthened (hanged man - suspension).

"All she can do at this point in time is wait and see where all this is going."

Shop wood, carry water :)

Deck: #RadiantWisdomTarot
Theme: "radiance"
Card: 9 of Fire - Rest

Deck: #GorgonsTarot
Theme: "bringing ugly truths/shadows up from the depths"
Card: The Hanged One - Turning Necessity into Virtue

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