Nine of Wands + Seven of Swords, Rosetta + Healing


Stability and resoluteness will take you through this period of transformation!

A little more clarity on yesterday's cards (The Devil + Fool R).
It's seems to be leaning towards the first option - don't leap before you look, don't repeat old mistakes.
Don't let your ego/protectors/managers fool you to write contracts with shady people with 'good intentions'. Don't brush your gut feeling off, if something feels off.

This is a period of possibility, and "change equals strength" right now.
Don't waver in your original plan, and you will have "stability through transformation".

Do not begin to look sideways, or at 'other options'.
Don't fall back on 'patterns of distraction', hindering you to follow through this.
Yes, the deception may come from the outside, or the inside.

You actually hold the key to your healing now, to 'decrypt the code' (rosetta), to rewire your nervous system. Don't 'throw this away'. Don't shy away from effort.

Focus on this - on YOU - on #healing - now.
Do not start up other projects.
Not even 'good' ones.
"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Now it's clear.
We've been warned 2 days in a row.
Yesterday it was an attractive offer from the Devil, today it's someone preaching to us.
Do not 'disable yourself' by putting on a victim coat!

Again, the preaching may come from the outside, or from a part inside you.

Healing aligned with the Full Moon.
"conjunct Chiron and is opposite Venus. This is an emotionally charged Full Moon that will expose our deepest wounds." (#astrobutterfly )


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