Nine of Wands + Five of Cups, Shining Angels + Fantôme


Still not the right moment to blend your talents and shine!

The energy of the reversed 'do not jump just yet' Fool is still in the cards.

Still some more work to do - W9.
Still some things to accept - C5.

The 'work' part might refer to that all your talents haven't been found or developed enough yet - that you're not fully 'ready', no matter how much you Want to be ready and 'get on with it'! Not just yet...
The 'accept' part might refer to finish mourning something that you've lost or had to drop - 'return to the sea' - as some things/people/dreams are meant to be with you only for a reason or a season, not for life. But even though you "know that" it's important to give time to the process. Stand there with your hands in your pockets, doing nothing but accepting it. Letting it truly sink in. 

Deck: Shining Angels Tarot
Theme: "a word from your guardian angels"
Card: Nine of Wands - Gadri El
"God preserves"
"Caution, waiting for a better moment, positive results, even if not in the immediate future"
It may take a while but what's meant for you will not mistakenly be given to someone else!

Deck: Fantôme Tarot
Theme: "blending talents"
Card: Five of Cups
"give space for grieving"
"keep a positive eye on the future"

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