Nine of Wands + Beauty, Venetian Carnival + Love Pack


Guarding beauty is a duty!

I read, "I'm proud of my role, and my life is full of meaning."

There are times when you have to stand up, "in spite of tiredness or even exhaustion".
Just like there's 'an extra stomach for dessert' (:D), we all have "hidden resources" when true duty calls. Times when it's not about what we want or how we feel or why - when you just 'put on your brave face (mask) and Do'.
Reflection's for later!

Let the grace of beauty touch your actions today.
"Let yourself be without judgment today, so that you can open up the realm of Beauty."
Let go of past hurts and thoughts such as 'who deserves it' - all do!

Or, meet even the hard(ened) and stone-faced with an open heart :)
And maybe they will soften a tiny little bit.
Maybe not on the surface, but within, under the mask they cover themselves with.
Show compassion and hold the space for others to be who and were they are (and were they come from).
Show love, not for recognition, but because that's who you are - and want to be!

Deck: VenetianCarnivalTarot
Theme: "archetypes, psychological functions, and masks"
Card: Nine of Wands

Deck: LovePack
Theme: "relationship guidance"
Card: Beauty

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