Nine of Swords, Infinity Tarot


"Get out of your head - you can't solve a feeling problem with thinking!"

It's more complex (infinite) than your mind can comprehend anyway!

There is no solution you need to 'figure out' right now.
You most probably only need to be with your body.
Your sensations. Your emotions. Your feelings. 
They hold everything you need to know right now.
#TheBodyKeepsTheScore #TraumaHealing #SomaticWork 

Don't cognitively bypass this!
"Cognitive bypassing operates under the assumption that every trauma and emotion can be fixed cognitively or restructuring the way you think." #RussellKennedy, #TheAnxietyMD

You're (trapped younger self - unhealed trauma) will not be helped by you making a compelling or even soothing narrative regarding your situation. It will merely feel unheard, bypassed.
If you find a lost child at the grocery store, you only trying to explain the situation won't help!
The younger the child, the less developed capacity to comprehend.
"Stop crying dear, you are safe, you're parents are here somewhere, no need to worry, just stay put and they will find you. You are safe with me."
It won't match the experience of the child. An explanation might therefore even make things worse.
What the child needs is comfort, and to FEEL safe - not to be told that it should feel safe, or get an instruction on how to feel!

As an adult, with well developed frontal cortex, it might appear as if 'head solving' is helpful and releasing, but it will most likely be temporary.
Which you will be painfully aware of if you ever happen to go far enough into exhaustion, #freezemode , #survivalmode and have no connection with your 'smart brain'. No affirmations or words help you there!
Your enormous 'will' is quite powerless to.
You mostly feel rather alone, drowning in your emotions or massive fear (unresolved trauma) - no matter how many you're surrounded by.
You feel 'lost at the grocery store' :)
With no caregiver as far as the eye can see.
You feel extremely unsafe.

Safety is paramount for healing.
Not explanations :)
Explanations are for understanding.
Knowing the difference, and when each respectively is the one needed the most, is quite crucial!

Deck: #InfinityTarot
Theme: "how to manage, cope with, the infinite"

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