Nine of Pent's + Ten of Pent's, Spirit Within + Yarn


Life isn't about 'standing alone / making it on your own' but about co-creation!

Nice continuation from yesterday, when we talked about breaking with the old "as long as I get what I need" attitude that rules the world.

In this P9 I see a tad more 'all eyes on me' woman than in the traditional P9, which usually looks more relaxed, contented and ... attuned. The woman here have a little more 'showing off her elegance' (or achievement) in her posture. Rather than then just knowing she's self-reliant, she also wants to show it.

Or, a part of her needs to show it? #internalfamilysystems
To prove something?
Prove she's independent, determined and strong maybe.
Is this because a part of her think she's only enough when/if she can 'make it on her own', and that she needs to 'go and get what she wants'?
Or is it maybe related to a "distrust of others"? Because she's been 'let down' so much in her life, and therefore feel the need to do it all herself, to prevent herself from getting hurt again?

Let's reverse this, shall we?!
We don't have to go and get anything. Prove anything.
Each and everyone of us is enough just as we are.
And, we are so much more than our bodies and outer achievements.

Deck: #SpiritWithinTarot
Theme: "you are more than your body"

Let's not continue contributing to and feeding this 'western individualistic each on it's own' attitude!
True authentic independence has no need to be displayed. For inspirational purpose maybe, but not as an achievement!

Let's just be, do, share, and ''craft a new world together' <3

Deck: #YarnTarot
Theme: "a ball of yarn - what will you make of it?"

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