Nine of Pent's + Ace of Cups, Sherlock + Urban


Having a hard time enjoying yourself and accepting 'your situation'?
Seeing more black than white? 

Yesterday, advice to listen to your body.
Today, advice to penetrate feelings and emotions.
They are tightly connected.

Being on the defense doesn't really help :)
Take of the mask, and put down that pointy sword! 
You wont find out what's going on in there by attacking it, or by poking on it defensively from a distance!

Put on your detective hat and neutrally treat the situation as a case, if that help you to detach from your fear and judgement of yourself (and others)!

There might be feelings and emotions related to your situation, to 'society', to 'un-awakened behavior' you better get to the bottom of, and accept as "mere feelings" - as in you ARE not your feelings.
Because these feelings will keep blocking your sense of satisfaction as long as you believe you are them, or as long as you are afraid of facing the truth behind them - a truth you will see if you use all your senses, and not just your mental capacity.

Deck: Sherlock Holmes Tarot
Theme: "deduction, multisensory analysis"
Card: Nine of Pentacles (R)
"finding it difficult to relax"
"Being undisciplined in your pursuit of pleasure"

Deck: Urban Tarot
Theme: "Coping with society/the ordinaries/un-awakened"
Card: Ace of Cups

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