Nine of Pentacles, Atavist Tarot


You have enough - Share!

Give - not to get, or whether or not others "deserve" it.
Give to be of service and share (nay, contribute to) LIFE!

Yesterday we had the caring circus Queen, today we have a rendering of P9 that asks us to Give, referring to its esoteric titel; Lord of Material Gain. Both in the business of sharing!

Give of what you have - but mostly - of who you are.
Not without boundaries of course. 
Give and contribute where it's needed, where it inspires further growth and expansion - of you and others.
Don't waste energies - don't let it be "taken away".
Give your energy were it's truly needed, were its asked for, and/or were its received and used for good!

You might not always receive something back (immediately), but rest comfortably in that this kind of 'true service' is a great part of your general life purpose - do give and share that which you are given and have.
LIFE will pay you back!! Through the feelings of joy and contentment - and then some!

And if you have a passion that really fills your heart to the brim with joy when practicing it, and harbor fears regarding "what will happen (economically) if you follow it" - now is the time to share it, and live it!

Deck: Atavist Tarot
Theme: "finding balance between religion and science" (or spirit/head - or intuition/facts)
Card: Nine of Pentacles
"growth through partnerships - the more you give, the more you receive"
"Give yourself fully, and with all your heart, to life. The more you give of yourself to living, the more you shall receive from life."

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